Our 2-3 year olds are based in our light and airy purpose built room, which includes a space that is quiet and calm for rest periods and an open plan space for activities and mealtimes. This room has its own outdoor area to allow the children to choose between indoor and outdoor play throughout the day, as well as opportunities for planned activities around our spacious school grounds and woodland area.

The learning environment is carefully planned to enable the children to develop at their own pace throughout their individual interests. Staff observe the children to build on their existing knowledge and skills.

The children regularly join in with school events such as sports day and World Book Day along with trips to the local and wider community.


This half term...

the children in Dragonflies will be exploring music and rhythm. Our focus story is "Walking through the Jungle" which offers lots of opportunity for the children to join in with repetitive language and use tambourines, tapping sticks and body percussion to join in with regular beat. 
Like in Nursery our Dragonflies children will be practising moving over and through our outdoor equipment and practicing their skills on our balancing strips.
The children will also have the opportunity to experience our large scale indoor beach either as a sensory activity or to act out their own experiences with their friends.
" There is always a variety of activities ready for the children each day."
" There is always a variety of activities ready for the children each day."